Poe Pro

Poe is free to use, but there are a few expert features which you can unlock for just $5.99 per year.

Project mode

Project mode lets you open a folder of files as one unit. You can see the individual word counts, quickly switch between files and add new ones fast. Store individual chapters of a book as files, and view them together.
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Have your document read aloud to you. Choose from different voices, adjust the reading speed. You can read the entire document, or just what you've selected. Very useful for catching grammatical mistakes
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Track your daily word count and activity on a calendar. See the days you succeeded and the days that you miss. Future versions will also have writing events in your region
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Add inline comments to documents, excluded from your word count. Anything you prepend with // won't be counted towards the total word-count. You can use this mode to outline a story before you write it, and keep your word count accurate
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Dictionary & Thesaurus

Built in dictionary, for looking up definitions of words. This also functions as a thesaurus, giving you synonyms for words. It all works offline, so even if your fave writing space is up a mountain, you can still find suggestions
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Ambient audio

Soothing background ambient soundscapes to help you get in the zone. Listen to a gentle rain shower, waves breaking on the shore, a bustling cafe or a peaceful meadow. Like the dictionary, these work without needing the internet
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