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Create the perfect writing environment to craft your next masterpiece

Powerful writing features

Bold, italic, headers, bulleted lists and more.
Automatically saves your file every 60 seconds. Never lose work again.
Focus mode
Focus only the current selected paragraph and blur out the rest
Writing Timer
Set an alarm for yourself to tell you when writing time is over
Wordcount Goal
Get notified you when you've reached a certain wordcount target
Writing Stats
See your progress, how long you've spent writing, what your writing speed is and more
Custom Themes
Control every aspect of the look and feel of Poe.
Full backups of whatever you're working on, stored in another location.

Even more for pro users...

Project modePro Mode ★
Open a folder, see the combined word counts of files and quickly switch between them
NarratorPro Mode ★
Have your document read aloud to you. Very useful for catching grammatical mistakes
CalendarPro Mode ★
Track your daily word count and activity on a calendar
CommentsPro Mode ★
Add inline comments to documents, excluded from your word count
Dictionary & ThesaurusPro Mode ★
Built in dictionary, for looking up definitions of words
Ambient audioPro Mode ★
Listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean, the forest, a busy cafe and more

Simple, powerful editor

A fully featured editor with bold, italic, headers, lists and more. Use either a toolbar at the top of the screen, or a floating bar that appears only when text is selected

Highly Customizable

Customize the interface to the way you want it. Choose from preset themes, or change fonts, colors, text-size, editor width, or line-height.
Hide the toolbar, the title, or enable full-focus mode, where all but the active paragraph fade away.

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